Market Street Faire:
Musician and Performer Information

Viva Downtown is always searching for talented local bands, musicians & artists to perform at the Market Street Faire summer event series. The event is scheduled for 8 Thursdays during the months of June & July during the hours of 5-8:30pm. We are seeking artists to fill 2 separate music needs, plus one spotlighted performance event each week:

1.The ‘big tent’ band: All "big tent" dates are open for the 2016 Market Street Faire season.

Typically 3+ members, non-acoustic, who perform for 2 hours between 6-8:30pm (with a half hour break). Tent/shade and refreshment will be provided. Musicians are responsible for their own sound systems and set up. Merchandise sales and tip jars are encouraged. For this band compensation of up to $200 will be provided. If interested send contact information and audio link (if available) to and mail or drop off demos to Jefferson Public Radio at 1721 Market St, Redding, CA 96001.

2.The ‘umbrella’ musicians: Acoustic acts, solo musicians and small local performing groups (typically 2 members or fewer) are also encouraged to apply for our organized busker positions. The performance time is negotiable, and there are several spots available each week sprinkled throughout the venue. Several umbrellas are available for shade, and refreshment will be provided. There is no budget to financially compensate these performances, although merchandise sales & tip jars are encouraged. The contact person for this opportunity is Eilyne Davis at

3.In addition to the music positions, there’s also an opportunity for local organizations to provide a spotlighted performance from 6:30-7pm. Typical performances have included hula dancers, choreographed jump ropers, martial arts demonstrations and performers from a stage production. There is no compensation available for this performance; we provide marketing distribution and encourage groups to recruit, market and promote on site.To apply for this performance spot, contact Eilyne Davis: