Viva Downtown Redding 

Main Street Committees and Volunteer Opportunities

Economic Vitality

NEW DEVELOPMENT is taking advantage of

the economic and social vitality of Downtown Redding. We encourage people and groups to locate and grow their business. We are seeing new residents in Downtown which has excellent, established infrastructure and public service capacity.


In 2017, we completed a new Transportation Plan.

In 2018, we updated the Downtown Specific Plan.

In 2019, we made a new Downtown Parking Plan.

In 2021, Market Street Re-established.


Things are happening Downtown! 


For Downtown Businesses go to:

Downtown Redding Businesses


Viva Board Representatives:

Kenny Breedlove, Michele Goedert,

Larry Morgon, John Truitt

Call Viva Downtown: (530) 243-7773

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White Building

Completed 2015

pine street lofts.jpg

1400 Pine Street,

Infill Project - Completed 2013

Pine Street Lofts

Infill Project - Completed 2012

downtown gateway.jpg

Downtown Gateway

Infill Project - Completed 2010