Viva Downtown Redding 

Main Street Committees and Volunteer Opportunities

Vicenarian Committee

Vicenarian (adj)  /vɪsəˈnɛɹi.ən/       

   1.Between the ages of 21 and 29, inclusive.

The Vicenarian Committee is a collaborative group of 21 - 29 year olds focussed on designing an environment that enhances life in Downtown Redding for young adults.


Our mission is to strengthen the voice and representation of young adults in the community by connecting community leaders, young creators, and people interested in the transformation of Downtown Redding.

Committee Member Obligations:

  • Attend Monthly Committee Meetings.

  • Volunteer at Viva Events.

  • Share ideas, connections and assets that will benefit the committee and its goals.

  • Be creative, unique and bold.

  • Be unapologetically yourself.

If you are interested in participating in this committee, contact: Program Coordinator Blake Fisher at